Two brothers - one mission

You want to know who is behind myvial? We are Michael and Christian. Both are very health-conscious people. Michael has been vegan for many years and Christian has been vegetarian for 17 years. The primary goal in our lives has always been something Doing good. We believe in karma. We regularly travel to foreign countries and learn about new cultures.

In the process, we come into contact with many people, wisdoms and products. We take a lot of things home with us. Later, these exotic influences flow into the product design.

The food pyramid upside down

We find ourselves in a dichotomy. On the one hand, we know what a healthy diet means. It stands for enough fruits and vegetables, enough drinking fluids and fiber. Fats should be used wisely and sweets sparingly. All this has given us the Food pyramid taught.

In everyday life, however, it plays only a subordinate role. This is due to diets, food intolerances and, last but not least, stressful everyday life. We reach for processed foods far too often and forget that a healthy diet actually only means that the body is supplied with sufficient nutrients.

If the supply permanently falls by the wayside, exhaustion, inflammation and pain can result. In addition, experts emphasize that nutrient deficiencies can promote diseases.

Why dietary supplements?

Often we can reflect well on our nutritional behavior. We know that there are some "construction sites". Now it's just a matter of finding a way to reduce the Nutrition plans with a better sense of well-being.

Enough food is available. The critical factor is time. For many of us, it is impossible to spend enough time besides school, work, family, and obligations to devote ourselves to nutrition in a catchy way. Foods that grace supermarket shelves often pass for candy rather than whole foods.

In practice, it is much more difficult than expected to maintain an overview and provide the body with targeted nutrients. This is also proven by the "National Consumption Study II", which was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Food. More than 80 % are undersupplied with regard to vitamins in this country.

We at myvial would like to change this. Our products aim to compensate for possible deficiencies and strengthen your body image. After all, we know that your organism needs a wide range of nutrients to stay healthy.

Our philosophy

The Philosophy of a company is important. It tells you whether not only the products but also the supplier are right for you. After all, it's not just the product itself that's important, but also how responsibly raw materials and the manufacturing process are handled.

Myvial does not chase nutritional trends, beauty ideals or limited options. We believe and live Change. We are sure that every day everyone has something for their Health can do.

We would like to support you by Set aside nutritional supplements made with brains and heart. We offer you products that we stand behind with full conviction. The theme We already live sustainability in the extraction of raw materials and subsequently pay attention to a plastic-free packaging.

We are aware that we can only work on your health together with nature. For this, we are ready to give something back and show reckless production chains the red card.

We are proud to offer you our product range. Best raw materials, highest bioavailability and organic quality are a matter of course for us.

The food-life balance

Many people are getting out of balance these days. Work takes on a central role. The associated stress can lead directly into an unhealthy "food trap". This not only increases the risk of illness, but also promotes dissatisfaction.

With natural products we want to support your well-being. We, too, are aware of the numerous guidelines issued by scientists, nutrition experts and medical professionals. At the same time, however, we also know that the recommendations cannot always be linked to everyday life without exception.

Dietary supplements offer a way to fill gaps in the supply.

myvial: from the womb of nature into your hands

Food is at its most natural when it travels from a tree directly into your mouth. The more processing steps are added, the more a product loses its naturalness.

For this reason, we focus on as little processing as possible. That way, you end up benefiting from the natural properties that make a food so great.


Goodbye superfluous additives'!

Many additives have no added value for the human organism. They merely make products more colorful or cheaper.

In order not to stress your body, we put our products no undesirable additives to.


Vegetable and vegan!

Plant biodiversity provides us with everything we need for our products. Vegetarians and vegans can therefore with almost all preparations without hesitation.

This even applies to our skin care products. We take the obligation to declare very seriously. We do not contain anything that is not stated on the label.

Organic quality

Organic products are unbeatable. After all, they contain fewer pollutants, such as pesticides.

They are more in line with nature than conventional products. Therefore, we always give priority to organic quality.



The issue of sustainability is important to us. We are grateful to nature for its great extracts. That is why we treat them with the utmost respect.

We carefully select our suppliers, so that the production chain remains fair for everyone, including nature, of course. In addition, our Packages plastic free and biodegradable. In this way, we contribute directly to sustainability.

We at myvial are glad about your support.

Thank you for joining us on our exciting journey 🙂 .



The founders of myvial:

Christian & Michael Schmid