Organic herbs grass cobs hay cobs treats for horses 5kg

Organic herbs grass cobs hay cobs treats for horses 5kg

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The myvial organic herbal cobs meet the requirements for healthy, natural horse feed in the best & highest organic quality. It is recommended to feed the hay cobs as roughage alternative, in case of poor basic forage qualities, in case of older horses with hay intake problems and especially in case of horses at risk of allergies. Our organic hay cobs are gently pressed from over 30 meadow grasses and herbs and contain neither molasses nor additives. Our organic hay cobs must be soaked before feeding.

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Organic herbs grass cobs hay cobs treats for horses 5kg


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With over 30 different herbs from Germany

  • High content of natural and valuable ingredients (over 30 different herbs and grasses)
  • Improves the Digestion and Vitality of the animal
  • Provides high fertility (especially suitable for breeding animals)
  • Can be used as a concentrate or to enhance the basic forage
  • Rich in crude fiber (dietary fiber)
  • Production without molasses
  • Suitable for horses, cows, rodents, alpacas, sheep etc.
  • Organic certified / without genetic engineering
  • Larger quantities available upon request


Over 30 different types of grasses and herbs in just one pellet

The special thing about hay cobs from organic grass is that they have an incredible Variety to Grasses and Herbs unite. This allows the animals to be fed all year round, even in the barn like a meadow. Popular plant species like Yarrow, Hornwort, Meadows Sage, Meadow ragwort, Smooth oats and Yellow Sweet Clover are just a few examples of the valuable ingredients in the pellets. Since the pressed organic grass comes from particularly species-rich meadows from Germany (Baden-Württemberg), it contains numerous nutrients and helpful substances.

These include:

  • Proteins / Fats
  • Fibers
  • Calcium / Phosphorus / Vitamins
  • Carotene, especially important for breeding animals

To maintain the health of horses, cows, alpacas, rodents and co. throughout the year, a nutrient-rich diet is important. The food supply can be cleverly and sensibly expanded with Bio Kräuter Grascobs.

A natural food alternative for many animals

Particularly exciting is the question of which animals eat organic herb grass pellets at all. However, the answer is quite simple: All animals that like to graze on meadows usually also like pellets made from organic grass.

These include:

  • Horses / cows
  • Alpacas / Llamas
  • Sheep / Goats
  • Rodents and many more

Organic herb grass pellets: all advantages at a glance

The pellets from organic grass are suitable as a single feed or clever addition to normal food. Due to the fact that a variety of herbs and grasses are processed, they represent a varied and safe feed.

The following advantages combine the healthy treat alternative:

  • They promote the vitality of the animal
  • They boost digestion
  • They are particularly tasty because they take into account the natural food selection
  • They combine numerous nutrients, including carotene, which is important for fertility
  • They can be used both as concentrated feed and for enhancement of the basic feed
  • They are rich in raw fiber and natural
  • They do not dust and are free from mold and molasses
  • Pellets from organic grass for "difficult" and demanding eaters

Feeding your pet according to its needs is not always easy. With increasing age, health impairments can also become noticeable in animal contemporaries. Horses can then chew grass or hay only insufficiently or not at all. To prevent colic or loss of nutrients, pellets made from organic grass can then be used. Horses that have an increased performance requirement, for example because they participate in competitions, receive numerous natural components with the pellets.

Nutrition takes on a special role in breeding. Numerous nutrients ensure that fertility is maintained. Among them carotene, which is indispensable for good fertility. Bio Kräuter Grascobs combine a particularly large proportion of carotene and are therefore often fed to breeding stallions.

We recommend that the pellets from organic grass slowly creep into the feeding. This gives the animal the opportunity to get used to the new food source and find a taste for it.

How to use Bio Kräuter Grascobs?

Grass cobs are usually soaked and allowed to swell before feeding. This is particularly recommended for horses that may otherwise react to the rich food supply with colic. Basically suitable both warm as well as cold Water for the swelling process. Warm water has the advantage that it shortens the swelling time. When the cobs can be fed depends on the product. We advise checking in between to see if all the pellets have turned to mush. If they have an appropriately soft consistency, they can go into the feed trough.

Selected grass cobs can also be fed dry. In rodents, they can support dental care in this way.

Feeding recommendation for horses:

As a substitute for hay: 1 - 1.5kg per 100kg body weight.
As supplementary feed: approx. 0.5kg per 100kg body weight
Soak each 1kg with about 2 liters of water.

Organic herbs Grascobs from myvial

We have been working hard on how to provide animals with a rich food supply throughout the year.

They are nutrient-rich, productive and easy to feed. Due to the fact that more than 30 different types of grasses and herbs are processed very gently, they can definitely replace a lush meadow. Our herb Grascobs are especially popular with Horses, Cows and Rodents. But they also meet the taste of Goats, Sheep and Alpacas.

The advantages are obvious. The pellets from organic grass are natural, do not dust and contain many nutrients such as vitamins or proteins. However, they support not only a healthy diet, but also digestion and vitality. We at myvial place a special emphasis on the quality of our products. This also includes that we consider the issue of sustainability. Therefore, our herbs Grascobs 100% are organic and made in Germany (Baden-Württemberg).


100% pressed hay* (without additives)

*controlled organic cultivation from Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Analytical components

Dry matter

90,4 %

Crude protein

13,7 %

Crude fat

3,1 %

Crude fiber

24,6 %

Crude ash

12 %

DE (horses)

9,27 KJ/kg

DP (horses)


ME energy (beef)

9,82 KJ/kg


5,6 %

What drives us:

  • myvial stands for highest demands at fair prices 👌🏻
  • Organic certified and strictly controlled cultivation from leading producers
  • Highest bioavailability
  • Proven quality: Made in Germany
  • Free of: Sugar, lactose, gluten, preservatives / sweeteners, flavors, synthetic colors and release agents.
  • 100% biodegradable packing | Hand packed 👐🏻
  • Our animal feeds are unadulterated and contain only those ingredients that can be seen on the label
  • Regular laboratory tests for residues, heavy metals and pesticides in an independent laboratory
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    CAN I now feed these pellets dry to the animals?
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    Q CAN I now feed these pellets dry to the animals? answer now
    Asked by Anonymous user on 25. July 2021 22:33
    A Hello, the herb cobs can also be fed dry to horses, rodents and sheep. Many sunny greetings, your myvial team

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Our philosophy is therefore not only aimed at healthier nutrition and improved health, but likewise at sustainable change.

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Our products are free of additives, moreover, we use only natural and high quality ingredients.


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