Organic Macadamia Premium 150 gram

Organic Macadamia Premium 150 gram


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Organic Macadamia Premium 150 gram


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The macadamia nut - a short portrait

Noble nut from Down Under - praised be the Aborigines!

May we please?! If there's one nut that deserves all your respect, it's the macadamia. With its extra dose of various vitamins and minerals, it's a great health booster (and tastes absolutely phenomenal, thanks to its generous fat content). Are you ready for a royal audience with the secret tip of the Australian natives?

Add to your diet - a nut that melts in your mouth

We could now say that it is fiber without end and countless vitamins and minerals that make our organic macadamia nuts so unique. Honestly, they are! In typical myvial fashion, however, we have to go one better: After all, in our opinion, to do justice to a queen, only the market leader comes into question. That's why our organic macadamia nuts come from the exclusive supplier in the heart of Kenya's Mount Kenya massif.

✅ Organic certified and hand packed with love

✅ Proven myvial premium quality

✅ Just 30 grams of macadamias per day can contribute to an extended life expectancy (1)



What is in the organic macadamia nuts from myvial?

  • You get what you order - and that's organic macadamia nuts (and nothing but organic macadamia nuts!) of the best quality. 
  • Look forward to one of the healthiest nuts in the world thanks to its richness in unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • All processing of the organic macadamia nuts is done locally under fair conditions to support the locals around Mount Kenya.


What are the miracle weapons of myvial organic macadamia nuts?

We'll tell you frankly: the macadamia has not received its royal title for nothing, because it is a real nutrient bomb! Among its "The tasty miracle nut contains a lot of selenium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, folic acid, B vitamins and so on. It thus provides you with numerous coenzymes that are indispensable for your bodily metabolic processes and for a healthy nervous system.

Before we forget: Our organic macadamia nuts also taste absolutely delicious, delicioso, délicieux - simply delicious! Whether eaten raw, on cookies, with pasta or as a pesto: No one can resist the slightly buttery taste of the nut that literally melts in your mouth. Hard shell, delicious (and above all healthy) core! 


  • Versatile: The queen of nuts as the queen of possibilities
  • Packed with essential nutrients
  • Unique buttery aroma with intense nut flavor


What is the recommended intake for myvial organic macadamia nuts?

Although an overdose in the classic sense is not possible, the recommended amount of organic macadamia nuts with regard to "the slim line" is 30 grams per day. In order to derive health benefits from the numerous vital substances of the delicious nutritional bomb, you may therefore allow yourself about 10 to 15 pieces daily. Even if it's hard to stop yourself from enjoying the delicious aroma...

  • 100 % Bio
  • 100 % vegan
  • 100 % Fairtrade

What do you get when you buy organic macadamia nuts from myvial?

100 % organic macadamia nuts - no more and no less, but always of the best quality.

  • Free from any additives
  • Organic, Fairtrade and from sustainable cultivation
  • Vegan

Notes in the sense of the European Health Claims Regulation

Since myvial's organic macadamia nuts are classified as food, we are prohibited from naming any effect or possible indications for use.


Instead, we recommend you ...

  • Conduct extensive research in reference books,
  • To make inquiries via the Internet,
  • to consult a qualified alternative practitioner or naturopath you trust,

... to benefit from the full spectrum of action of the "queen of nuts".

Flawless nuts for exclusive use

The macadamia is often called the queen of nuts. This is due on the one hand to its size, and on the other hand to its valuable ingredients. Due to their high content of unsaturated Fatty acids its consumption is highly recommended by nutritionists as part of a cholesterol-, lactose- and gluten-free diet. In addition, the stone fruit scores with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and essential vitamins. It is also becoming increasingly popular in vegan diets as an ingredient in macadamia milk or macadamia cheese.

Sustainable + all around fair + raw food 

Our smallholders cultivate macadamia in organic mixed cultivation, do without synthetic chemical sprays/fertilizers and trust in the forces of nature. Local field managers supervise them from cultivation to harvest throughout the year. Additional jobs are created there so that the added value can grow locally. Fair payment of the farmers is officially confirmed and controlled by the fair For Life seal.

Cracked and selected on site

The most valuable are Macadamia as whole nuts. To minimize breakage, they are cracked by hand in Kenya using special tools, followed by visual selection and separation into whole and half Macadamia kernels as well as Macadamia chips.

The ideal amount of macadamia is 30 grams (10-12 nuts) per day.

Versatile edible for baking, cooking, as a dessert, appetizers or pure as a treat.

Therefore, the macadamias from myvial® come from

Our macadamias are grown in Kenya for generations on no plantations, but in ecological agroforestry systems cultivated. The trees grow there in small plots between other fruits and vegetables and shade each other, keeping pests away, at the same time falling leaves provide humus-rich soil.

So farmers don't need synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. They simply rely on nature. This benefits the environment, but also the Health of all parties involved.

Greatest possible added value:

Fair trade with organic raw materials is good. But it is even better if high-quality organic products are created from them on the spot: More people benefit from the added value. Transport costs are reduced. And the freshness of the harvest also improves quality.

For this reason, LIMBUA not only promotes the organic cultivation of macadamias, avocados and other crops. In addition, we also operate four manufactories around Mount Kenya and have thereby more than 700 secure jobs created.

Photos: Limbua

Why the organic macadamia from myvial®?

At first glance, the nuts almost remind a bit of limes, then they are surrounded by a green protective skin wrapped. Underneath, the inner brown shell is revealed. Only when this has been cracked does the actual kernel reveal itself: the macadamia.
At LIMBUA, only the high-quality Macadamia integrifolia cultivated.

Smallholders remove the green shells from their farms and use them as animal feed, fertilizer or compost. However, the inner, brown shell is around three millimeters thick and extremely hard. To open them gently, a proprietary cracking technology has been developed.

With this, the nuts are cracked directly in the manufactories on site, individually and without damaging the precious kernel. The remaining outer shells contribute to soil fertility as mulch or replace valuable wood in the oven.

With its nutritional content, the macadamia nut brings the Digestion in Momentum, supports the Metabolism and strengthens Muscles as well as Nerves. It is an enrichment for every Menu and is therefore also used by Nutritionists recommended.

Round 75% Grease give the macadamia nut a deliciously buttery aroma and a delicate texture that almost melts in your mouth. In addition, slightly sweet and mild, its taste can not be compared to any other nut. This is probably the reason why it is mainly consumed pure - so it is a real treat both roasted and salted, as well as completely unprocessed. In addition, this nut rounds off all kinds of sweet or baked goods.

As an oil, macadamia is also used in cosmetic products - for example, to make skin and hair supple.


Highest quality 

From harvesting to packaging, our macadamia nuts pass through constant quality controls to ensure the highest possible product safety. This is also ensured by the short transport routes between the fields and manufactories.
In this way, we ensure that we really only process fresh nuts, which in turn increases product safety. In addition, sustainable organic cultivation, gentle production processes and our nursery, which produces grafted seedlings, contribute to the highest possible quality.


Consumption recommendation and use of myvial® macadamias

The ideal amount of macadamia is 30 grams (10-12 nuts) per day.

: Food supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of reach of children in a cool and dry place.

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