10 natural ways to relieve stress without negative side effects

Modern life is stressful. The American Institute of Stress reports that more than 70 % of Americans surveyed say stress affects their physical and mental health. To relieve stress, too many people turn to anti-anxiety pills, alcohol or drugs like marijuana. However, all of these drugs have a number of side effects that damage the brain and lead to other [...]

Vitamin D3 / K2 - the sun vitamin

Why should high-dose vitamin D always be taken only together with vitamin K2? Those who spend a lot of time indoors have a higher risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency, so supplementation is definitely recommended, especially since few foods contain significant amounts of vitamin D. The body needs sunlight to produce the vitamin. For this [...]


Quercetin Quercetin is a flavonoid (secondary plant substance) found predominantly in vegetables such as red onions, red grapes, kale, broccoli or in grapes. A rich source of quercetin are the flowers and flower buds of the Japanese cordwood (Sophora japonica L). The pure vegetable flower extract has a content of at least 95% quercetin. The human body can bioflavonoids [...]


Magnesium deficiency: Beware of these 3 mineral thieves Many people suffer from a magnesium deficiency without knowing it. With targeted measures, magnesium reserves can be replenished. Magnesium plays an important role in the body, as it is involved in a wide variety of bodily processes. The organism cannot produce the mineral itself, so it is dependent on the supply [...]

Golden milk - the new super drink

Golden milk comes from Ayurvedic cuisine and is said to invigorate the senses and generally benefit the body. But why? This is mainly due to the miracle spice turmeric, which is supposed to strengthen the cell membranes in the body and improve resistance to disease. The active ingredient curcumin contained in it is a natural antioxidant, which is supposed to prevent skin aging, among other things. In addition [...]

Strengthen the immune system naturally: Your 5-step plan

Your immune system is a miracle. It protects you from invisible enemies lurking everywhere in your environment through external barriers and internal protective mechanisms. Pathogenic germs, foreign substances and unwanted changes in your body endanger your health. Your defense system is in action every day to put an end to viruses, bacteria and the like with the help of various actors. [...]

Wild garlic

Wild garlic - a wonderful source of nutrients In sparse deciduous forests, wild garlic often covers large areas. Anyone who knows such lush wild garlic "hunting grounds" can consider themselves lucky. For wild garlic not only tastes incomparably good, but in all this - unlike real garlic - does not even give bad breath. He also scares away many a niggle and the [...]

Why a strong immune system is important for the body

Immune system - the "body police" Every day our body is attacked by germs. Viruses and bacteria lurk everywhere in everyday life. Whether on stair railings, door handles or in the supermarket. Often we don't even notice that they are trying to enter our bodies for 24 hours. With a strong immune system, the body is very protected against them, which is why a [...]

Nuts, oils, live cooking...this is how colorful BIOFACH 2020 was

BIOFACH 2020 From 12.2. - 15.2.2020 the BiOFACH took place in Nuremberg, where about 3000 exhibitors were represented. The fair is the meeting place for suppliers and decision-makers from production and trade in the organic sector. With Vivaness (natural cosmetics) and Biofach, a highly qualified and international trade audience with about 50,000 visitors from [...]