Our company attaches great importance to holistic well-being, which includes both the body and the mind. We only offer products that we are convinced will have a positive Influence on your well-being can have. We focus exclusively on what is really useful.

In order to meet this requirement, we use exclusively natural and pure ingredients. All our products are manufactured directly in Germany to guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness. Our motto is: holistic, natural, pure - and this is reflected in all our products.

With the growing variety of supplements, superfoods and natural cosmetics, it can be difficult to keep track and figure out which products are really necessary.

Our goal is to promote holistic wellness and make this approach accessible to more people. We achieve this by not only natural and effective products but also provide comprehensive information on a holistic lifestyle.

Our products consist exclusively of natural and high quality raw materials with food quality. We strive to source raw materials from the countries where they naturally grow. For us, the most important Raw materials quality always comes first. We also take factors such as the world market situation and crop yields into account when we purchase raw materials. If a raw material is produced in different countries, the country in which the last significant processing step took place is considered the country of origin, in accordance with the provisions of EU law.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the respective plant was also grown in this country. We are obliged to show only the country of origin according to EU law.

Wherever possible and appropriate, we source organic raw materials. However, some of our plant extracts are often not available in organic quality because they are standardized to specific vitamin and mineral contents. This means that the extract must always have a constant vitamin or mineral content, which is regularly checked to guarantee the advertised content and give you a safe product to offer.

The Quality and purity of our ingredients and products is of great importance to us. For this reason, we subject our raw materials to a quality control prior to further processing. Variety of tests, including identity (color, odor, taste, appearance), purity, active ingredient content, and contaminants such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury) and microbiological tests.

In addition, our finished products are regularly tested by independent laboratories analyzed for the declared active ingredient content, microbiology, pollutants such as ethylene oxide and heavy metals. On the product pages of our dietary supplements and natural cosmetics you will find a corresponding certificate from an independent laboratory.

Basically, there is nothing against carrying your supplements, superfoods or natural cosmetics even in your hand luggage. In order not to make the luggage check too lengthy, it would be advisable to carry these in the Original packaging to transport.

If, on the other hand, liquid supplements (e.g. D3/ K2/ B12) or liquid cosmetics are involved, these must comply with the comply with the legal requirements for carrying liquids in hand luggage on flights. Please check with your airline or the federal police.